Grapes from California

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Ready…set…it’s fall!   Time for seasonally appropriate ideas and content to make your job a little easier.  As a supermarket dietitian, you have a lot on your plate – so let Grapes from California help, by providing useful content for you to share with your customers.  This includes a creative TV segment and store demo ideas,… Read more »

American Pulse Association

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The American Pulse Association provides a unified coalition to grow the entire pulse crop sector from farm to fork. We are seeking members from across the pulse crop value chain to work together to achieve the following goals: 1. Increase consumption of Pulse Crops 2. Increase Pulse Crop Research Funding 3. Promote Policies to Enhance… Read more »

Council for Responsible Nutrition

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In an ideal world, we’d have perfect diets. In the real world, there is no such thing as a perfect diet. Nutrient shortfalls are a serious part of this reality, but fortunately dietary supplements, in combination with a healthy diet, can be beneficial to achieving optimal nutrition. With the majority of Americans taking them, dietary… Read more »


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Shopping for Health is proud to offer informational Webinars to supermarket dietitians. These Webinars will include nutritional or scientific updates, tips for assisting shoppers and even plans to promote a certain product in stores. Supermarket Dietitians: This Webinar content will allow you to stay on top of industry trends and provide up-to-date resources for your… Read more »

Unilever: Make Meals that Do More

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Unilever launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan as a blueprint for achieving our vision to grow our business, while decreasing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact.  A key pillar of this global initiative is to help more than a billion people take action to improve their health and well-being. Our vision that… Read more »

Shopping for Health 2017 Conference, Nashville

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Shopping for Health 2017 Conference The 2017 Shopping for Health conference was held in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, April 23-25. Grocery store dietitians from major chains around the country were guests of Shopping for Health for a meeting filled with nutrition news and updates, cooking demonstrations, menu presentations and lots of delicious food! For information on… Read more »

Shopping for Health Conference 2017 Presentations

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American Pulse Association Pulses: The Heart of Every MealPromoting Alcohol Responsibility to Consumers Brown-Forman: Collaboration for Change Promoting Alcohol Responsibility to Consumers Council for Responsible Nutrition Your Vitamins and Supplements Aisle: What Do Shoppers Need to Know? Nabisco Once Upon A Whole Grain… United Sorghum Check Off Program

Presenting “Once Upon a Whole Grain” toolkit brought to you by NABISCO

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This educational toolkit provides fact-based information in a lighthearted and engaging way – with fairy tales! – to help you inspire individuals to reach the recommended 48 grams or more of whole grains per day. Through story-telling, we’ll show that there are many delicious and convenient ways to enjoy foods made with whole grains as part… Read more »

Step Into Nashville for the 7th Annual Shopping for Health Conference

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What happens when a select group of supermarket dietitians come together for three days, meeting with leading food and beverage industry executives to hear science and product updates, enjoy special meals and tastings, and discuss ways to better reach shoppers with the nutrition news they need? “I always look forward to the Shopping for Health… Read more »

Arla Cheese

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Welcome to Arla’s Craft a Better Grilled Cheese Resource Kit for retail dietitians!  According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 80 percent of the population isn’t getting enough dairy. This makes our timing perfect to introduce you to Arla cheese and our commitment to partnering with retail dietitians to narrow this nutrition gap. With four enticing… Read more »