Candy: What Does “Moderate” Consumption Really Mean?

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If you were to take a poll asking your shoppers about their favorite aisle in your store, what do you think they’d say? How about the candy aisle? If nothing else, it’s full of variety and fun to shop.   There’s no doubt that most people love candy, kids and adults alike. The  challenge for… Read more »

Strawberries: America’s Favorite Fruit!

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We ate lots of strawberries at Shopping for Health 2014, courtesy of the California Strawberry Commission. And along with these tasty dishes, we all learned some new health and nutrition facts about America’s favorite fruit. Consider: There are 110 published studies on strawberries relevant to human health since 2006. They extol the virtues of strawberries… Read more »

Shopping for Health Conference 2014 Presentations

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Today’s Nutrition Powerhouse: The Incredible Egg Making the Healthy Choice the Fun Choice 365 Days of California Strawberries: Just Add Strawberries This Spring and All Year California Strawberry Commission Grower Video Candy: What is Moderate Consumption Why Watermelon? A Slice of Nutrition Research Health and Nutrition Trends Impacting Consumers’ Food Choices Balancing Your Social Media… Read more »

The Importance of Protein Consumption in the Morning

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The American Egg Board was at Shopping for Health 2014, talking to our supermarket RDs about protein — and specifically, protein at breakfast. The typical American diet consists of a skewed protein distribution: About 10 grams of daily protein intake at breakfast, followed by 20 grams at lunch and then 60 grams at dinner. That’s… Read more »