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Many of us are thinking “back-to-school:” Shopping for school supplies, organizing clothes and, once again, getting used to packing those lunch boxes every day. For families and kids who could use some ideas to perk up that packed mid-day meal, think Mini Babybel®, the portion-controlled, nutrition-packed, red-wax-wrapped cheeses. Each serving of 100% natural cheese delivers 5-6 grams of protein, plus 15-20 percent of daily calcium needs – all for 80 calories or less.

Here are some ideas to make the great taste and nutrition of Mini Babybel® cheeses part of a lunch meal:

  • Pasta salad, sugar snap peas, peach slices and a Mini Babybel® Mozzarella style;
  • PB&J on whole wheat, baked sweet potato chips, apple slices and a Mini Babybel® Light;
  • Tuna mashed with avocado on English muffin, baby carrots, cucumber slices and a Mini Babybel® Original;
  • Greek salad made with lettuce, chopped onions, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices and crumbled feta cheese, pita chips and a Mini Babybel® White Cheddar

And some tasty pairing ideas, perfect for lunches or after-school snacks:

  • Mini Babybel® Original with multi-grain or rosemary-flavored crackers;
  • Mini Babybel® Light with apple slices or dried fruit;
  • Mini Babybel® White Cheddar, served on a skewer with two grape tomatoes and a rolled up slice of turkey;
  • Mini Babybel® Mozzarella, sliced or melted on half of an English muffin and topped with tomato slices;
  • Mini Babybel® Sharp Original, served with sliced strawberries or grapes;
  • Mini Babybel® Cheddar, served with roast beef and whole grain toast or bread;
  • Mini Babybel® Gouda, paired with a Clementine or tangerine.


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