Kids’ Table Cheese Plate – Perfect for Holiday and Other Celebrations!

With the holidays right around the corner, and many of our holiday hors d’oeuvres designed for adult tastes, Mini Babybel has some festive, delicious and nutritious ideas for a kids’ table cheese plate. These ideas are so fun and tasty the adults may move their chairs over to join the Babybel party!

New Year, New Snacks 2015

When the snack attack hits, it’s Mini Babybel to the rescue! Kick off 2015 the delicious way, with snack pairings that satisfy the whole family.

Mini Babybel Cheese

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Your shoppers have been seeing these ads for Mini Babybel cheeses recently. Here’s a few tips to help them discover the many ways to enjoy these nutritious and delicious cheeses as well as the many reasons to add them to the shopping cart this winter.