Tips for Plant-Based Eating

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Plant-based diets emphasize eating minimally processed foods that come mostly from plants, along with modest amounts of fish, lean meat and low-fat dairy, and red meat only sparingly. It’s easy to see that a plant-based diet is good for the heart, weight control and maintaining overall health, as well as for the environment. We talked… Read more »

New FDA Regulations on In-Store Prepared Food Service: Coming to You!

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Did you know that the Affordable Care Act will require restaurants and similar retail food establishments – including supermarkets that sell prepared foods – to offer nutrition information? The mandatory date for compliance is now December 1, 2016. This includes hot buffet food and food from your store’s salad bar, as well as self-service foods… Read more »

The Power of Protein

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Dietitians know the value of protein to the diet, but do you also recognize the value of protein products to your store? At the 2015 Shopping for Health conference, researchers from Tyson Foods discussed protein as the “perfect pairing” between consumer trends and science. Retail RDs and others have done a good job in communicating… Read more »

Drink Bottled Water to Beat the Heat

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With the summer sun heating up much of the country, there may be no more important reminder for your shoppers this week than this: Stay Hydrated. Most know that water is the beverage of choice when it comes to refreshing, and it’s interesting to note how this message has permeated the American mindset in recent… Read more »

Back-to-School – Back to the Lunchbox

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As your shoppers gear up for the back-to-school season, “lunchbox duty” may be one of their more dreaded daily tasks. Pleasing little palates day after day, while also making sure that they are eating a nutritious meal that is portable and does not require refrigeration or reheating, is an ongoing challenge in many families. From… Read more »