The Wonderful World of Walnuts

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We talked a lot about walnuts at Shopping for Health this year and with good reason: With more than 150 health studies on head-to-toe health conducted around the glove, the evidence supports walnuts as a leading nut for nutrition.   Keep in mind these fast stats about a fourth of a cup of walnuts (about… Read more »

Egg Sandwich Recipes for Tailgating and Fall Fun

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From the American Egg Board, here are three easy ways to enjoy outdoor fall fun – eggs in a sandwich, to go! Note that when including eggs in a tailgate, hike or picnic, they should always be packed in a cooler on ice. Do not allow cooked eggs to remain at room temperature for longer… Read more »

Power With Protein Through the Day

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Research suggests that balancing protein intake evenly throughout the day – rather than eating protein primarily at dinner, like many people do — may be a key to a healthier diet. In one new study, healthy adults who ate a moderate amount of protein at each meal—about 30 grams—made about 25% more muscle tissue than… Read more »

Smart Snacking Tips

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Did you know that the average American gets 24% of their total daily calories – or more than 500 total per day – from foods they call a “snack?” “Snacks” sometimes have a negative image, as the source of unnecessary or poor quality calories. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Some people prefer… Read more »