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Dietitians know the importance of eating breakfast, both from a morning energy standpoint, and because breakfast provides important nutrients needed each day. Did you know that 32% of American kids’ consumption of milk each day comes from the milk they put on their cereal?


General Mills has a wealth of materials available to help your shoppers realize the benefits of breakfast, and to better make a point of making time to eat breakfast every day.  For consumers who are time or taste challenged in the morning, cereal – with its attributes of convenience, variety and nutritional content — may well be the answer! Cereal is still the leading source of whole grains for American adults, and those who eat cereal also consume more fruits and dairy products.


16% of American children purposefully skip breakfast, making it extremely difficult to catch up on needed vitamins and minerals during the day.


Here’s a handout that may be helpful when talking to consumers. If listing specific nutritional benefits seems overwhelming to your shoppers, simply remind them that cereal – especially when eaten topped with fresh or dried fruit and yogurt or milk – provides a complete package of nutrients and energy needed to start the day.

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