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Sometimes the simplest treats are simply the best.  That’s definitely the case when it comes to one of the best summer snack foods: Frozen Grapes!Picture1

Now that summer is officially here, make it a point to remind your shoppers how easy it is to prepare and store these mini-sorbet-like treats that also happen to provide nutrition benefits.  Simply rinse, pat dry and place grapes in a re-sealable bag. Place in the freezer. Two hours later – and for up to a couple of weeks, if they last that long — they’re ready to enjoy.

From the California Table Grape Commission, here are other easy, tasty recipe ideas featuring grapes that will make your summer snacking and eating healthier than ever:

  • Frosty fresh grape pops are a cool treat for adults and kids alike. Because they are made with fresh fruit, they’re a good-for-you option compared to most desserts on a stick.
  • Turn traditional gazpacho recipes upside down with green grape gazpacho. Lettuce, cucumber, grapes and more combine to put a new twist on an old favorite.
  • For a refreshing sweet beverage to help beat the heat, whip up a grape agua fresca. Mix freshly made grape juice, a sprinkle of sugar and lime juice to taste, and you have a drink that may just dethrone lemonade as your summertime drink of choice. Add sparkling water for a bubbly spin.
  • Make fresh grape salsa by combining fresh grapes, cilantro, and chilies with vinegar, onions and salt and pepper. Serve with chips or toasted crostini for a deceptively simple dish with an unforgettable flavor.


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