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One of the  hits of the Shopping for Health 2016 conference was our do-it-yourself (DIY) sparkling water bar, sponsored by Nestle Waters. Lovely to look at and fun to assemble, all of our supermarket RDs quickly realized how much their shoppers would enjoy this fun idea for summer parties and get-togethers.

Sparkling water, of course, offers the same healthy hydration benefits of still water. It’s calorie-free, has no added sugars and many people find its fizziness to be especially refreshing.

Sparkling water is perfect on its own, with a squeeze of fresh citrus, but try it with ingredients like veggies, herbs and spices to create flavorful mocktails and non-alcoholic spritzers. Get creative with in-season produce, herbs and spices.

Hosting a dinner party? Need something easy to serve for a backyard BBQ, tailgating party or for the holidays? Here are some combo ideas to get you started:

Sparkling Water                      Fruit or Veggie                        Herb or Spice            Garnish

Perrier Sparkling                     Strawberry                              Basil Leaves              Lemon

Deerpark Sparkling                 Peach Slices                           Vanilla Bean              Mint

Deerpark Sparkling                 Melon Balls                             Mint                           Lime

Perrier Sparkling                     Pomegranate Seeds               Thyme                        Lime

Raspberry Lime Deerpark       Blueberries                             Thyme                        Lemon

Perrier Sparkling                     Cucumber                                Mint                           Lime


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