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There are snacks that stay with you, satisfying a craving or hunger pang, and there are snacks that leave you hungry, restless and wanting more.

The difference may be the amount of protein contained in the snack. Protein stabilizes blood sugar levels and slows digestion, leading to less caloric intake – important to your shoppers who are watching their weight. So how to help your shoppers better understand the role of this important nutrient in their diet-planning and snacking? After all, when many people think “protein,” they think of steak or grilled chicken – not exactly snacking or convenience foods.

The Bell Institute at General Mills provides a wealth of materials for supermarket RDs to use to help shoppers better manage their daily snacking. Here’s an example of a consumer handout offering twelve snack ideas that provide 10 or more grams of protein per serving. To access this and other helpful consumer pieces, visit the General Mills section of the Shopping for Health web site at



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