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Balchem is a leading global manufacturer of specialty performance and nutritional ingredients, and producer of its premiere brand of choline, VitaCholine. Although choline is an essential nutrient, it is one of the nation’s top nutrient deficiencies – with 90% of Americans failing to meet their daily needs. Balchem continues to help consumers think about what they eat and discover more ways to incorporate choline as part of a healthy, balanced eating pattern. Learn more about us at:

In this library, you’ll find a variety of choline-focused resources and meal plans to help educate your patients/clients. If you’re interested in additional resources and research for your newsletters and communications, please email

Choline For All

Choline is an essential nutrient for all ages and stages of life. Yet, ninety-percent of Americans are not getting enough! Learn more about this underconsumed, yet mighty nutrient for positive health outcomes.

Think Choline For A Smart Start

On average, women of childbearing age are getting less than half of the choline they need, even though choline is critical for prenatal and infant health. Discover how choline supports a healthy mom and baby.

Supplementing With Choline

No matter what dietary pattern you follow, it’s nearly impossible to meet choline needs from food alone. Learn more about how choline supplementation can help fill in the gap!

Choline-Focused Meal Plans

We know that meal plans can be a helpful tool for clients prioritizing their personal nutrition. That’s why we’ve developed a handful of eating patterns – U.S. Healthy-Style, Mediterranean-Style, Pregnancy and Vegetarian – to demonstrate how to boost choline intake through food selection and supplementation. Browse our collection here.

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