California Fig Advisory Board

Figs are trending but many consumers only know them as a famous cookie. There is so much more to fabulous figs!  

Fresh or dried, California Figs are a fun way to introduce your customers to a new (to them), tasty and nutritious fruit. Just 3-5 figs provide five grams of dietary fiber (20% DV), as well potassium, calcium, phytonutrients, and more. California Fresh Figs are available May – November but you can find California Dried Figs year-round. Winter, springs, summer or fall, there are endless possibilities with California Figs – from salads and snacks to pizza and paninis, change up any menu with the addition of figs. 

Figs complement all day parts and cuisines. In fact, figs are traditional in many cultures symbolizing health and happiness dating back centuries. You can even find figs in the bible! They truly are an ancient fruit with modern appeal. Check out these resources for more information, or visit!