Canned Beans

We created to inspire Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) to share the endless possibilities of canned beans. We know that YOU know canned beans contain nutrients such as fiber, protein and iron (among many others), AND that they make it easy for consumers to add more plants to their diet and help them live longer, healthier (and more delicious) lives, but do your clients and customers know this?  Let’s close the gap and open the possibilities.

As the canned bean category leader and sponsor of, Bush’s® conducted research to better understand what RDNs and consumers know about canned beans. The results reveal a significant knowledge gap about the health benefits of beans.  

There are so many benefits of canned beans to share with your shoppers.  Where do you start?  Check out our top ten list highlighting some of the best canned bean benefits.

  1. Canned beans are packed with health benefits that have been documented in peer-reviewed journals! They can help prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, help maintain or lose weight and help prevent cancer.
  2. Rinsing canned beans has been shown to reduce the sodium by up to 41%.
  3. Canned beans make it easy to add more plants to your diet!
  4. Canned beans can help you live longer!
  5. Canned beans can be used to transform a familiar favorite into a new taste sensation.
  6. Canned beans cost less than half the price per pound for animal protein.
  7. Canned beans pull double duty, considered both a vegetable and a protein by the USDA!
  8. Canned beans are so versatile and convenient, they can be baked, boiled, roasted, microwaved, broiled or eaten straight from the can!
  9. Canned beans are good for Mother earth! It is estimated that canned food uses 20% less energy than refrigerated food and 51% less energy than frozen food! And, the can is 100% recyclable!
  10. Canned beans are, quite simply, delicious.

This research shows that your shoppers are hungry for more. Let us help with these resources.