Soy Nutrition Institute and DuPont

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Power up your plate with soy. No matter the dietary pattern chosen to help reach health goals, in most cases soy is a good fit. Soyfoods are safe for inclusion in the diet to support health across the lifespan. Soy protein has been shown to support growth and development of children. In addition, many studies have demonstrated the role of soy in supporting the health of adults, in terms of weight reduction/maintenance and strength goals.  Soy-featuring snacks, beverages, ingredients in mixed-meal dishes, and ‘center of the plate’ offerings now abound in grocery stores and restaurants to provide options for including this high quality source of protein into the daily diet.

The Soy Nutrition Institute is a scientific organization dedicated to research on soy and health. Established in 2004, the organization includes a scientific advisory board and research and health professionals from soy-related companies and organizations.

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DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences markets a broad range of high-quality soy protein ingredients that are valued in the food industry for their nutritional, economical, flavor, and functional performance in food and beverage products.  The company’s products include soy protein concentrates and isolates used to deliver high-quality, plant-based protein in beverages, nutrition bars, meat alternatives, and many other applications.