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almond-brown-bowl-infoCrunch On with California Almonds!

As a supermarket dietitian, you’ve got a lot on your plate and our Retail Dietitian and Supermarket Snacking toolkits are the perfect pair to help make your job easier. Packed with useful, ready-to-use information, you’ll turn to them time and again for creative ways to educate your shoppers and community. Each kit includes ideas for in-store events and television segments, sample social media posts, copy tips for newsletters or store circulars, teaching tools on a variety of nutrition topics and delicious recipes.

With timely nutrition topics and trends ranging from snacking ideas to reading food labels, tips on eating a Mediterranean diet, smart tailgating recipes and more, you’ll find these downloadable retail dietitian toolkits to be ideal resources to help educate your shoppers.

Retail Dietitian Toolkit

From January to December, we’ve got you covered with this month-by-month toolkit, packed with creative ways to educate your shoppers, all based on timely nutrition topics and trends. Download your kit here.

Supermarket Snacking Toolkit

Did you know that 94% of Americans report eating at least one snack a day? Snacks can be a driver for healthier eating habits, so help your shoppers snack smarter with this all-in-one snacking resource. Download your kit here.