Cereal to Start the Day

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Dietitians know the importance of eating breakfast, both from a morning energy standpoint, and because breakfast provides important nutrients needed each day. Did you know that 32% of American kids’ consumption of milk each day comes from the milk they put on their cereal?   General Mills has a wealth of materials available to help… Read more »

Whole Grains – 48 Grams of Goodness.. a Day?

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Here is a nutrition statistic that is quite alarming: The average American consumes less than 16 grams of whole grains a day, falling far short of the 48 grams per day target for people over the age of nine. (Younger children need 32 grams of whole grains per day.) Fewer than 5% of adults consume… Read more »

The Great Grape

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Grapes of all colors – red, green and black – are a natural source of beneficial components called polyphenols, which can also act as antioxidants.  Grapes are a heart-healthy food that can play a role in healthy aging, and research suggests positive links between consumption of grapes and eye health, brain health, bone and joint… Read more »

Know Your Eggs

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A carton of eggs may look simple in the refrigerated case in your store, but to shoppers, it can be confusing to try to read the information posted there, and to understand completely what they are buying. This fact sheet from the American Egg Board will help. Look for: Explanation for common symbols used on… Read more »

Hard-Boiled Eggs as Snack Treats

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Want a tasty high-protein snack that is easy to make and keep on hand? Something kids can grab from the fridge to put in a lunchbox or eat on the way to basketball practice? Try hard-boiled eggs! More than six grams of protein is packed into each 80-calorie egg, along with just five grams of… Read more »

Start 2016 with Shopping for Health!

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Supermarket Dietitians: As you plan for the year ahead, make certain that Shopping for Health is part of your resource bag. Is your contact information with Shopping for Health up to date? Shopping for Health is your best one-stop-shop for nutrition news and information, recipes, in-store communication pieces, and ideas to educate your shoppers about… Read more »

Announcing: Shopping for Health 2016 Conference!

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What happens when a select group of supermarket dietitians come together for three days, meeting with leading food industry executives to hear science and health updates, enjoy product tastings, and discuss ways to better reach shoppers with the nutrition news they need? “The annual Shopping for Health meeting is one of the most important meetings… Read more »

How to MyPlate a Shopping Cart

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Your shoppers are probably familiar with the MyPlate design of how to best construct a dinner plate. Here’s how to make it even easier for them – show them how to MyPlate a Shopping Cart, as they stroll through your aisles. Daisy Cottage Cheese has a new MyPlate for the Cart handout to help you… Read more »

Pending FDA Regulations

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Patty Packard, RD for Shopping for Health 2015 sponsor Vestcom, provided our blog post this week. Here is her recap of some FDA changes in regulations that are in the works:   Revised Nutrition Facts Panel For the first time since 1990, the FDA proposed a revision of the NFP. Some notable proposed changes include:… Read more »