Salad for Summer

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When warm weather hits, the last thing many of us want to do is turn on a hot oven. These are the days when entrée salads served for dinner have much appeal. Here is a salad recipe that is rich and filling enough to satisfy dinnertime appetites, but summerlike refreshing at the same time, thanks… Read more »

Holiday Breakfast Recipes from the Tyson Food Family

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This week’s Shopping for Health blog post is brought to you by brands in the family of Tyson Food products – Jimmy Dean and Hillshire Farms. Both had products on the menu at the 2015 Shopping for Health conference, showing off new and tasty ways to use these long-time favorites. If your shoppers are looking… Read more »

Kids’ Table Cheese Plate – Perfect for Holiday and Other Celebrations!

With the holidays right around the corner, and many of our holiday hors d’oeuvres designed for adult tastes, Mini Babybel has some festive, delicious and nutritious ideas for a kids’ table cheese plate. These ideas are so fun and tasty the adults may move their chairs over to join the Babybel party!