Snacking and the Power of Protein

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There are snacks that stay with you, satisfying a craving or hunger pang, and there are snacks that leave you hungry, restless and wanting more. The difference may be the amount of protein contained in the snack. Protein stabilizes blood sugar levels and slows digestion, leading to less caloric intake – important to your shoppers… Read more »

Appeal to Many Tastebuds with Natural Cheese Full of Goodness

Mini Babybel is a fun and convenient 100% natural cheese with a rich and creamy taste that all ages adore. Experience the delicious, nutritious and sized just-right everyday snack that’s packed with the nutrients you and your family need.

Babybel’s Big Dreamers Contest

Do you dream as big as I taste? For the chance to win a year’s supply of cheese OR the grand prize $50,000 college scholarship,** tell me what your kid wants to be when he/she grows up. Then tell me what YOU wanted to be when you were a kid. See details.

Snack a Little Bigger

Mini Babybel is nutritious, 100% natural cheese with the rich, creamy taste all ages adore. Explore the delicious varieties.

Kids’ Table Cheese Plate – Perfect for Holiday and Other Celebrations!

With the holidays right around the corner, and many of our holiday hors d’oeuvres designed for adult tastes, Mini Babybel has some festive, delicious and nutritious ideas for a kids’ table cheese plate. These ideas are so fun and tasty the adults may move their chairs over to join the Babybel party!