Shopping for Health 2022 Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah
July 24-27, 2022


Canned Beans

Canned Beans: Closing the Knowledge Gap to Open the Possibilities surveyed registered dietitians, consumers and supermarket dietitians to identify knowledge gaps related to the health benefits of canned beans. Not surprisingly, supermarket dietitians who work with these products are the most knowledgeable about canned beans, and how they can be part of a healthful diet. 

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The ABC’s of Omega-3s

GOED Omega-3 presents research on the science-backed benefits of EPA and DHA omega-3s, and information on omega-3 food products that consumers can trust. 

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Gettin’ (CA) Figgy With It! 

The California Figs Advisory Board presents an overview of the nutritional benefits and origin of California figs, as well as recipe inspiration for retail dietitians.

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Vitamin D & Me!

The Council for Responsible Nutrition presents Vitamin D & Me, a science-driven web site resource for supermarket dietitians and their shoppers who are interested in the facts about Vitamin D, especially as it relates to the immune system and prevention of Covid.

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