Shopping for Health 2017 Conference, Nashville

The 2017 Shopping for Health conference was held in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, April 23-25. Grocery store dietitians from major chains around the country were guests of Shopping for Health for a meeting filled with nutrition news and updates, cooking demonstrations, menu presentations and lots of delicious food!

For information on how you can be involved in future Shopping for Health conferences, either as a supermarket dietitian guest or a food/ beverage industry sponsor, contact Shopping for Health.


From Supermarket Retail Dietitian Guests

“The Shopping for Health conference is the most enjoyable and beneficial conference I have ever attended. The size of this conference, and the collaborative environment that is encouraged, enables participants to truly learn from sponsors. If given the opportunity, I would definitely make every effort to attend again, as I believe that the information gained and opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, as well as learn from leaders in the food industry, is highly valuable.”

“I found the conference extremely beneficial; I find that for supermarket RDs that FNCE does not often present information that is directly useful to our roles.  Shopping for Health is definitely worth attending.”

“Shopping for Health is unique because it allows you to truly connect with other retail dietitians and conference sponsors on an intimate level. Oftentimes, other conferences can be larger so you lose that one-on-one time with attendees.  I make a special effort to attend because I always take away so much information that I can actually apply to my job as a supermarket dietitian the moment I get back to the office!”

“SFH is much more consumer friendly than other conferences. Also enjoy the smaller, more intimate setting. It allows for better networking.” 

“Shopping for Health exceeded my expectations as a first-year attendant!  I gained a vast amount of new education, resources and connections within the grocery store field and food industry through this conference.  Shopping for Health is sufficiently distinguished and beneficial.  I gained knowledge in areas of the food industry I would never typically gain at other conferences.  I will make a special effort to attend this conference again!  The connections in the smaller atmosphere was also very beneficial.”

“This was my first year here. I enjoyed the smaller group of dietitans, as it was more personable and I was more willing to ask questions. The vendors were terrific, and I felt that I could talk to each of them and get to know them. It would most definitely make the trip to come back next year. Great people, great sessions, great food!”

“I felt the meeting was beneficial and different than other conferences I have attended. I appreciated the small, intimate group of supermarket dietitians. This gave us more of an opportunity to network with one another, as well as the sponsors. Due to the intimate nature of this conference, we will definitely send one of our supermarket dietitians every year that we get invited.”

“Shopping for Health is by far my favorite conference for retail dietitians. Every year, consistently, it is top-notch. The people who run it not only know what retail RDs want to hear more about and provide great content, they also run a first-class meeting!”