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Asset 5 - Hard-Boiled Egg DippersMaking a dozen hard-boiled eggs on Sunday ensures you have a nutritious, grab-and-go snack whenever you need it. Try out these ideas to keep your hard-boiled egg snacks fresh and fun all week long.
  • Go fancy with your salt and pepper. Try truffle salt or spicy chipotle salt for a little heat.
  • Season hard-boiled eggs with salt-free lemon and pepper seasoning mix or low-salt herb mix.
  • Make it spicy with a dab of Sriracha.
  • Dip your eggs in honey mustard or ranch dressing and add chopped veggies to top it off.
  • Top your lunch salad with hard-boiled eggs.
  • Add it to a bento box filled with hummus, olives and vegetables for a delicious afternoon snack.

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