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Feel Good: Inside and Out

We’ve all heard that life is a journey, right? At LEAN CUISINE® we want you to believe that the fun is in the journey itself, not in reaching a final destination! We want to help women on their daily quest to being their best selves. We know that what we eat directly impacts how we feel. That’s why LEAN CUISINE® strives to provide delicious discoveries for women on their road to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We invite you to share the information as a road map to help others on their journey to wellness. It’s full of great information from our Balance Your Plate with Nestlé menu suggestions for modern, healthy cuisine to the latest tips and tools for finding balance and eating well – you’ll discover many delicious ideas in this guide.

We’ve even given you an inside look at the hottest chef inspired items –from LEAN CUISINE®. So go ahead, enjoy the journey – and remember, eating well feels good inside and out.

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Balance Your Plate with LEAN CUISINE®

Frozen and prepared meals can be a nutritious and convenient option to any meal. Visit the following website for menu ideas and tips about frozen prepared meals: and

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LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ Giving Fact Sheet

We’re donating a portion of the vegetables grown for LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ to local communities through our Honestly Good Giving™ program. In our first year, we will give one million servings of vegetables, so they can be enjoyed by those in need.
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LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ Fact Sheet

Available in the natural meals section of the freezer aisle, LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ entrées are made with a delicious combination of thoughtfully selected, quality ingredients that are 100% all natural and contain no preservatives.

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Introducing new LEAN CUISINE® Honestly Good™ entrées that are 100% all natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.
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LEAN CUISINE® Morning Collection™

Rise and Shine with the new Morning Collection™ from LEAN CUISINE®.
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LEAN CUISINE® Salad Additions™

LEAN CUISINE® Salad Additions™ allow you to easily create your ideal restaurant-style entrée salad, simply by adding your favorite kind of lettuce.
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LEAN CUISINE® Stuffed Pretzels

Savor the flavor of snacking satisfaction with new LEAN CUISINE® Stuffed Pretzels—soft pretzel dough stuffed with indulgent cheese flavor and vegetables.
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LEAN CUISINE® Wrap Additions™

With LEAN CUISINE® Wrap Additions™, creating a freshly prepared, restaurant-style wrap is as easy as heat, wrap, enjoy!
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Nestle Prepared Foods Nutritional Comparison – You Be The Judge

Find out how the sensible portions of our LEAN CUISINE® meals stack up nutritionally against some of the popular items you find in major national restaurant chains and fast-food restaurants.