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Classic Lamb Burger_HorizThere is nothing that turns on the unique flavor of lamb more than the hearty, smoky flavors of grilling. And if you’d like to kick your lamb grilling efforts up a notch, the Tri-Lamb Group can help with content to educate your shoppers—recipes, photography, videos, cooking tips, nutrition information, social media graphics, and more! Check out Your Path to Lamb Grilling Bliss for all the goods!

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Grilling Lamb 101

Lamb tips, myth busters, and recipes
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Grilling Cuts Fact Sheet

A visual snap shot of the best lamb cuts for grilling, plus descriptions for each.
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Grill Goodness: Lamb has the Whole Package

USDA-approved nutrition messages
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Your Path to Lamb Grilling Bliss Poster

A visual breakdown of cooking times and temperatures for grilling cuts.