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Snack Mindfully, Enjoy the Moment!

Snacking is an established eating behavior in the US and around the world. Most Americans snack 1 to 3 times a day, with snacks providing 22% of daily calories. Motives for snacking vary from hunger, energy to treating ourselves.  Snacking can be part of a healthy eating pattern, yet, in today’s fast-paced society, snacking can be affected by environmental and emotional cues. Mindful snacking is an approach that can help your clients focus not only on what snacks to choose but also why and how they snack, so they can be more in tune with eating as a conscious behavior. The toolkit developed in collaboration with mindful eating experts outlines a simple and practical approach on how to eat with attention and to be present in the moment for a more satisfying and empowering snacking experience.  Download the resources and visit us at

Mindful Snacking Infographic for Professionals: Coming Soon!

This visual highlights the behavioral approach and benefits of Mindful Snacking as a handy one-page reference for professionals.  It complements the one-page tip sheet for use with clients.

Brochure for Health Professionals and Educators

This brochure, co-developed with Susan Albers, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and mindful eating expert, provides tips and tools that you can use in your practice to inspire mindful snacking behavior.

Resource Guide

This resource guide provides practical mindful snacking tools that you can share with your clients such as expert advice, courses and trackers.

Snack Mindfully Tip Sheet

This handy one-page summarizes the Snack Mindfully approach, benefits, and steps for easy use and guidance.

Scientific Monograph

This scientific booklet provides recent research advances and scientific evidence supporting the application of mindful eating to sensible snacking practices. Get the booklet here.

Literature Review

This analysis of peer-reviewed publications summarizes the existing evidence showing that mindfulness, mindful eating and intuitive eating can be effective approaches for modulating eating habits.

Video: Expert Discussion on Mindful Snacking

Watch while experts discuss how snacking and well-being can co-exist and how to help consumers snack mindfully.  Featured mindful eating experts include Jean Kristeller, Ph.D. and Michelle May, M.D. See the video here.

Video: Mindful Snacking in Practice

Watch while experts discuss the mind-body connection and how the food industry can use education and innovation to help people make more mindful choices.  Featured experts include Susan Albers, Psy.D. and Hank Cardello, MBA. See the video here.