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As Registered Dietitians, you are continuously faced with questions about the latest news and science regarding your clients’ and customers’ favorite foods.  We know that processed meats have received their fair share of headlines and myths.  Now is the time to revisit your processed meats.  Prepare yourself for the permission to enjoy them! After all, “processed” simply means “prepared.”  Like meats prepared at home, processed meats are prepared at a plant – simply on a large scale.  Plus, prepared beef has numerous nutrition benefits.  Prepared beef products provide a convenient source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Check out the resources below to learn more about the diverse prepared meats category and to answer your customers’ most common questions.

Cured Meats and Nitrite: The State of the Science

A quick look at the facts reveals that meat products cured with nitrite can be part of your clients’ normal, healthy, balanced diet.

Prepared Meats and Sodium: A Nutrition Perspective

Today’s deli counters and meat cases offer many options including lower sodium, low-sodium and no-salt-added products. Help your clients find individual dietary sodium goals and choose foods, including their favorites, within a healthy eating pattern.

Understanding Processed Meat

Explore meat processing, related health concerns and how registered dietitians can address the subject to help consumers and clients understand how to make healthy choices at the meat counter.

Should We All Be Eating Less Meat?

Many consumers want to enjoy meat but are confused by headlines and debates over the relationship of meat consumption and health. Take a closer look at the issue of meat consumption in the context of healthy eating patterns.