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The Wonderful Company’s family of healthy produce brands make educating consumers about making healthy choices simple. With recipes, toolkits, handouts, images, research, and more, POM Wonderful and Wonderful Pistachios are here to help.

Wonderful Pistachios

Powered by plant protein, better-for-you mono and polyunsaturated fats, and fiber, Wonderful Pistachios are versatile for on-the-go snacking and for culinary creations in the kitchen.

The resources below are just a few of the assets that The Wonderful Company can offer. For more information or questions please email

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Wonderful Pistachios Healthy Eating Toolkit

Eating right with diabetes is even simpler, with shopping, cooking and eating well tips, plus simple and delicious recipes in this ready-to-use toolkit.
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Get Crackin’ with Healthy Snackin’ Handout

Do you know the Pistachio Principle? After reading this handout you’ll want to share these facts with your customers.
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Pistachio Pairings Handout

This handout features a few delicious ways to elevate the snacking experience.