Shopping for Health is proud to offer informational Webinars to supermarket dietitians. These Webinars will include nutritional or scientific updates, tips for assisting shoppers and even plans to promote a certain product in stores.

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Optimizing Your Supplement Aisle

Please join Shopping for Health to learn the science behind the most popular dietary supplements.  Two leading scientific experts from the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) in Washington, D.C. will lead the discussion.  CRN is the leading trade association representing the dietary supplement and functional food industry.

We will dive in to the following topics:

  • Topline review of how dietary supplements are regulated
  • Summary of the current state of science behind some of the most popular dietary supplement options in your store
  • Tips to help shoppers navigate your supplement aisle and make informed purchasing decisions
  • Q & A with leading scientific experts on dietary supplements